Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica - The Tropical Bird Repeater

Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica

Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica, one of the oldest watchmakers in the industry, is celebrating its 280th anniversary with innovative products that surpass those of other watchmakers. The Maison unveils the Tropical Bird Repeater, a complex automata timepiece that was created in response to the success of the Charming Bird watch and the Bird Repeater. The watch's subdial onyx is surrounded by lush greenery with tropical wildlife animated through a series micro-engineering feats.Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica The painted scene is brought to life by the striking of the gongs. It begins with the fluttering wings of the hummingbird, which move at 40 times per second. Hand-engraved, the case houses the new RMA89 movement, with a 60-hour battery life and a silent wheel regulator. This regulates the time between quarter hours and minutes to produce a clearer, more resonant chime. The limited-edition watch is made from 18K gold and comes with a dark green alligator band.

The Revolution team looks at the animated spectacle as they push the slide to activate the complicated mechanism. CEO Christian Lattmann explains that this combination of technical and artistic mastery has been a goal of the brand since its inception by Pierre Jaquet–Droz. Christian tells us more about the Tropical Bird Repeater, and how he strives to keep the brand's legendary spirit.

Christian Lattmann is the CEO of Jaquet Daroz

What year did you first start working for Jaquet?

Since 2002, I have worked for Breguet. From 2009,replica watches I share my time with Jaquet. Our President Marc Hayek appointed me CEO in 2016 and I now work exclusively for Jaquet.

Did you participate in the Breguet Tradition's launch?

In 2005, The Tradition was founded. I was vice president at the time and was responsible for product development. This project was led by Nicolas G. Hayek, which I still remember. It was amazing to see everyone working together for a common goal of making the best collection.

Let's discuss Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica.Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica The Tropical Bird Repeater looks amazing. Tell me about the inspiration for this watch.

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